Corporate Office:

4032 W 23rd Court
Panama City, FL 30245
(404) 410-6999 x722
(850) 784-4737 Fax

DOT#1069026 | MC#445698 | SCAC: RWYF

DRIVING SOLUTIONS - DELIVERING RESULTS! It’s not just our slogan; it’s our mission and commitment to our Customers. Collectively, our entire team will work to find transportation solutions for you, our customer. We understand you had a choice of many different trucking companies and you entrusted Wayne Reeder Trucking to keep the commitment you have with YOUR customer. We don’t take your decision lightly. We take it very seriously and we are grateful. We’re not perfect, but we will exercise due diligence throughout the transportation process to insure you receive the results you expect. In fact, unless we go above and beyond your expectation with every load; we’re not satisfied. What's the difference between us and other (cheaper) carriers? Any carrier can move your container from Point-A to Point-B, but it's the commitment, communication and meeting the expectations between those two points that sets Wayne Reeder Trucking apart from all the other carriers out there.
Our commitment to exceed expectations doesn’t stop with the customer. The management team of Wayne Reeder Trucking maintains the highest standards to provide the best possible benefits and environment for our drivers, contractors and associates. The loyalty and dedication of our people MAKE our company successful. Tell us what we can do to make it better…we’re listening. We fully understand that without you, Wayne Reeder Trucking, couldn't exist. 

Wayne Reeder Trucking will be THE preferred intermodal trucking company in the southeast. With terminals in every major port/rail city throughout the southeast, we will continually strive to provide cost effective intermodal transportation solutions for our customers.

Our Vision...

Our Mission...

  • Local, Short-haul & Port Drayage Services Offered
  • 20/40/45/48 & 53' Container Drayage
  • Overweight Container Drayage
  • Liquor/Alcohol Drayage Service
  • Tri-axle Chassis Available
  • Reefer, Open-Top & Flat-Rack Container Drayage
  • Residential Service Available
  • Transload Service Available
  • Customs Bonded
  • Member of UIIA & IANA
  • We have interchange agreements with most all major steamship lines
  • We do not transport HazMat materials

Our Services...

Our goal is not to be the largest intermodal carrier with the most trucks. Our goal is provide the best service to our customers and to be the best carrier to our contractors, drivers & associates.

"If you like our services, please tell you colleagues....if not, please tell me. We want to consistently exceed your expectations.

--Matthew Quinn,

Vice-President, Operations & Sales

Unsurpassed Intermodal Services