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Thank you for expressing an interest in Wayne Reeder Trucking. I know that our continued success is due to your effort and hard work. I hope you'll find a home and extended family with us.

-- Wayne Reeder

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  • This "Quick Application" only provides Wayne Reeder Trucking with the minimal information required to obtain your MVR
  • A full Driver Application Packet will be required before you can drive for Wayne Reeder Trucking - you can download a full Driver Application Packet from this website
  • You possess a valid Class-A CDL

  • You are (at least) 23 years old

  • You have NO LESS than 24-mo tractor-trailer driving experience in the last 36-mo

  • You are NOT a convicted felon

  • You have NO serious moving violations on your MVR in the last 36-mo

  • You are committed to improving your CSA score by following the rules & regulations of the Department of Transportation (including hours-of-service)

  • You are committed to improving the CSA score of Wayne Reeder Trucking by doing everything you can to avoid unnecessary roadside inspections

Please read carefully....

The following application is not a complete application for a driving position with Wayne Reeder Trucking. This "Quick Application" is simply a method to collect the basic information that allows our Recruiting Team to pull your MVR & PSP to determine if you could be approved for a driving position with our company. You will be required to complete a full Driver's Application Packet if you are approved based on the information you provide below:

Driver's "Quick" Application

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