Corporate Office:

4032 W 23rd Court
Panama City, FL 30245
(404) 410-6999 x722
(850) 784-4737 Fax

DOT#1069026 | MC#445698 | SCAC: RWYF

Rate Request Form

Driver Detention (invoiced in 1/4 hr increments):
$85/hr (after 1st hour for local moves <90mi, after 2nd hour for moves over 90mi)

$85+ Current FSC

Standard Chassis Rental (20'/40'):
$35/day (<90mi, 2-day MIN for all moves >90mi)

Tri-Axle Chassis Rental:

Chassis Repositioning:
$85 (may be accessed on both pick up and termination of container--as determined by the booking and/or steamship line)

Overweight Fee (>38K 20', >44K all other size containers/trailers):
$100, plus additional 5%FSC (doesn't include any State OW permits required to facilitate the move)

State OW Permits:


Residential Surcharge:

$200 (drop/pick ONLY in local markets)

Refrigerated Surcharge:


Secured Yard Storage:

$50/day (accessed after the day of pull)

Scale Light & Heavy:

$65 (both), $40 per tare/loaded weight only

After-hours/Weekend Service:

Linehaul/Drayage charge subject to 25% Surcharge (accessed on moves scheduled before 6am/after 5pm M-F or any move on SAT/SUN)

All charges paid on your behalf are subject to 20% Admin Fee

PLEASE NOTE -- ALL work orders for "Next Day" service must be tendered no later than 2pm EDT for consideration and ALL work orders tendered to Wayne Reeder Trucking are subject to the terms and accessorial fees shown above.


Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to provide a rate quote for this move. Please note that all quotes provided are subject to the specific details of the move and may increase/decrease depending on those specifics. The more detail provided, the more accurate our rate quote will be for your move. While we may not be the cheapest rate you receive, we strive to provide the best possible service at a competitive rate. IF our rate is greater than 15% of our competitor, please let us know. Our competitor may have overlooked something in their quote. 

Rates & Accessorials